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U20 New Model CE and FDA Approved Portable Ultrasound Machine Price

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: U20
  • Type: Digital Imaging System
  • Group: Middle-aged and Old
  • Trademark: Foinoe
  • Origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu
  • Classification: Imaging Diagnostic Equipment
  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485
  • FDA,CE: Certificated
  • Specification: CE, FDA
Product Description
 U20 Full Digital portable ultrasound machine price
U20 New Model CE and FDA Approved Portable Ultrasound Machine Price

1.       System Application

U20 Plus full digital color Doppler ultrasound scanner is available for the diagnosis of abdomen (including GYN and OB),  superficial organs, cardiology, peripheral vessel,  urology and others.

2.       General Specification

1.       gray scale:256 grades
2.       color scale:256 grades
3.       monitor:15"flicker free high resolution medical color LCD
4.       Power supply:100-240V~  frequency:50-60Hz 3.0A MAX
5.       Power consumption:≤150VA
Main unit size:416 mm(L)´205mm(w)´ 422mm(H);
6.       Net weight of main unit:approx 12Kg(not including probe);
7.       gross weight of whole machine: approx 17Kg
8.       Package size:approx 505 mm(L)´350mm(W)´ 640mm(H)
3.Media & peripheral device
1.       Printer
2.       video printer:sony UP-897MD;
3.       I-station integral work station for image storage,report generation and cloud print.
      4.   U-disk (support document management/software upgrades/one-key storage), DICOM port,
           convenient for doctor to manage data, supporting for transmission.
5.   TV output port.
6.   Foot switch available.
4. Probe socket
      Probe socket:3 probe socket,automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes
      (convex, linear, micro-convex, trans-vaginal,phased array).
      Menu operation:  English

 6.Probe specification

l 3.5MHz R60 broadband convex
1.Probe elements:96
2.Scanning angle:60°
3.Frequency scope:2.0MHz-5.0MHz
4 . 5 Multi-frequency:2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0 or could be set
5. Max scanning depth≥190mm  depth range:107-246mm
6. Blind zone:≤5mm
7.resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤2mm
8.precision of geometric location:lateral≤5%,vertical≤5%
l 7.5MHz L40 broadband linear
1.Probe elements:96
2.Frequency scope:5.0MHz-12.0MHz
3  5 Multi-frequency:5.0/6.0/7.5/9.0/12.0
4. Max scanning depth≥60mm  depth range:38-115mm
5. Blind zone:≤3mm
6.resolution:axial resolution ≤0.5mm,lateral resolution≤1mm
7.precision of geometric location:lateral≤5%,vertical≤5%
l 6.5MHz R10 trans-vaginal broadband
1.Probe element:96
2.Scanning angle:135°
3.frequency scope:4.5MHz-9.0MHz
4. 5 multi-frequency:4.5/5.5/6.5/7.5/9.0
5. Max scanning depth≥60mm depth range:  46-154mm
6. Blind zone:≤4mm
7. resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤1mm
8.precision of geometric location:Product Standard shows:lateral≤10%,vertical≤5%
l 3.5MHz R20 micro-convex broadband     
1.Probe elements:96
2.Scanning angle:77°
3.Frequency scope:2.5MHz-5.5MHz
    4 . 5 Multi-frequency:2.5/3.5/4.0/5.0/5.5 MHz
5. Max scanning depth≥140mm  depth range:69-154mm
6. Blind zone:≤5mm
7.resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤2mm
8.precision of geometric location:lateral≤10%,vertical≤10%
l 3.5MHz R16 electronic phased array     
1.Probe elements:64
2.Frequency scope:2.5MHz-5.5MHz
    3 . 5 Multi-frequency:2.5/3.5/4.0/5.0/5.5 MHz
4. Max scanning depth≥140mm  depth range:69-154mm
5. Blind zone:≤5mm
6.resolution:axial resolution ≤1mm,lateral resolution≤2mm
7.precision of geometric location:lateral≤10%,vertical≤10%

7. Operating mode

1.B,B/B,4B mode
2.M,B/M mode

8.System Setting

Basic setting
1.       Language:english
2.       time and date setting
3.       Date format:yyyy-mm-dd,mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy
4.       screen protection
5.       patient ID
6.       Hospital name
7.       machine model
8.  Unfreeze clear away measurement data ; automatically store currently parameters; hide M time dividing rule; hide PW time dividing rule.
Printer option: print and other setting.
network settings: machine IP address, local area network server, DICOM server setting.
DICOM:ultrasound device; main unit DICOM serve, port and network connection test device.
store: videotape, store format BMP, JPG (image compression format), storage path.
doctor manage: doctor information, new construction, delete, etc.
Annotation correlation: lesion,routine,OB, abdomen, GYN, Cardiology,urology, superficial organs, orthopedic surgery .  Towards every item, preset major terms, you can add or correct to edit when necessary.
probe preset: preset some probe information, convenient for user choose.
 application mode: abdomen, ob, cardiology, urology, superficial organ and multiple application. Factory default setting.; Gain current data ; default setting, etc.
1.OB table setting.
2.measurement parameters setting.
other item.
formula preset:
1.       BPD:10 kinds formula
2.       CRL:7 kinds formula
3.       GS:4 kinds formula
4.       FL:10 kinds formula
5.       HL:3 kinds formula
6.       TAD:1 kind formula
7.       TTD:1 kind formula
8.       APTD:1 kind  formula
9.       HC:5 kinds formula
10.  AC:6 kinds formula
11.  FT:2 kinds formula
12.  LV:1 kind formula
13.  THD:1 kind formula
14.  TCD:1 kind formula
15.  OFD:2 kinds formula
16.  EFW:12 kinds formula
17.  BSA:5 kinds formula
 9. ultrasonic imaging technique
1.     high precision full digital continuous beam forming:
Exquisite ultrasound beam control effectively eliminate sidelobe noise, increase spatial resolution and contrast resolution, exquisitely show full field organization structure.

2.     dynamic frequency mix imaging technique:
Self-adaption control near field and far field transmit, receiver frequency, perfectly combination
penetrating power and high definition image.
3.     high precision delay point-by-point dynamic receive focus:
high precision delay point-by-point dynamic receive focus, show real and exquisite organization information.

4.     super-broadband imaging technique:
Same probe can change to 3.5, 4.0, 6.5, 7.5Mhz ultrasonic wave. It's convenient for doctor, to
choose best frequency for different people, so that to get clear image, enhance detection
sensitivity and dynamic range.
5.     self-adaption image process technique:
according to currently receive organization signal, automatically digital parameter optimization, show more perfect ultrasound image.

6.     self-adaption blood vessel technique:
Focus on currently doppler echo signal, automatically adopt appropriate smoothing project, effectively clutter reduction, so that perfectly combination for definition and sensitivity, show better blood image.

7.     self-adaption doppler imaging technique:
 Enhance weak doppler signal, and complicated digital process technique enhance frequency spectrum signal, improve doppler sensitivity and show effect.

8.     THI tissue harmonic imaging technique:
 Lower frequency ultrasound transmit, and receive echo signal high frequency second harmonic signal image, guarantee good penetrating power,enhance tissue image definition, and maximum eliminate pseudomorphism. It can diagnose cardiac function and myocardium survival, and provide the basis for myocardium density quantitative analysis.

10. Primary Functions
1. System preset function;
2. Probe switching function;
3. Mode conversion function;
4. Magnification/depth range selection function;
5. Frequency conversion function;
6. Frame correlation  function;
7. Edge enhancement function;
8. Compress curve adjustment function;
9. Image post-process adjustment function;
10.   Focus position adjustment function
11.   Image up/down, left/right reversal
12.   Image freeze/unfreeze function
13.   Many segments adjustable TGC, adjustment of total gain and dynamic range
14.   Image optimization function
15.   Adjustable Dopple frequency, PRF, wall filter function
16.   Sensitivity, color persistence, color threshold, color balance, color smooth and artifact remove function
17.   Adjustable corrected angle, sample volume, linear color steering, velocity scale, baseline position function;
18.   Adjustable harmonics function
19.   B mode general measurement function
20.   M mode general measurement function
21.   CFM mode general measurement function
22.   PDI mode general measurement function
23.   CW, PW mode measurement function
24.   Abdomen application measurement function
25.   Obstetric application measurement function
26.   Cardiac application measurement function
27.   Urology application measurement function
28.   Superficial organs application measurement function
29.   Adjustable acoustic power
30.   Puncture guide function(2 guiding lines,angle and position adjustable)
31.   Storage: more than 150G
32.   Image management function
33.   Cine playback function
34.   Body marks function
35.   Information annotation function
36.   Input patient information function
37.   Automatically general report function
38.   Workstation function
39.   Chinese-English menu switch function
40.   Volume adjustable function
,    image processing introduction
u Acoustic  beam  processing
Full digital acoustic beam technology, real time point-to-point dynamic receiving focus, continuous dynamic focus, real time dynamic adjustable variable aperture imaging technology,real time dynamic acoustic beam apodization, dynamic filtering, numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
u Image Pre-treatment
Gain:0~100 dB
TGC:8 stages TGC
Acoustic output(power adjustable):High,Middle,Low
Digital channels:24
u Image processing
Frame correlation:0~5
IP(gamma correction):0~8
Compressing curve:0~15
u Scanning parameters
B Mode:
1.       B acoustic output:High,Middle,Low
2.       B Gain :0~100
3.       Depth arrange : Different probe has different depth and adjustable step number
4.       Dynamic :0~120dB
5.       Scanning:higher frame rates, high density
6.       frequency conversion:5 classes
7.       harmonic wave: adjustable
M Mode:
1.         M acoustic output:High,Middle,Low
2.         M Gain :0~100
3.         Depth arrange : Different probe has different depth and adjustable step number
4.         Dynamic :0~120dB
5.         M scanning speed:High,Middle,Low
6.         M sample line: visual and adjustable
7.         M work mode:roll,scan
8.         Scanning:higher frame rates, high density
9.         frequency conversion:5 classes
10.    harmonic wave: adjustable
CFM Color Dopplar Mode,PDI Pow Dopplar Mode:
1.         Power adjustable:High,Middle,Low
2.         CFM gain:0~100dB
3.         frequency conversion: 5 classes
4.         Max PRF:7.5kHz
5.         Min PRF:0.35kHz
6.         CFM wall filter:8 stages 50-350Hz
7.         Sensitivity: 6 kinds
8.         color persistence:3steps
9.         color threshold:6 kinds
10.    color balance:16steps
11.    color smooth:3steps
12.    artifact remove:2 steps
13.    linear color steering adjustable
14.    Image optimization:12calsses
PW Spectrum Doppler Mode
1.         Power adjustable:High,Middle,Low
2.         PW gain:0~100dB
3.         PW dynamic:0~120dB
4.         PW frequency:adjustable
5.         PW wall filter:8 stages50-350Hz
6.         velocity scale:adjustable
7.         sample volume width:adjustable
8.         corrected angle
9.         baseline adjust:adjustable
10.    Volume:adjustable
11.    linear color steering adjustable
,Measurement / Calculation
u General measurement:B Mode general measurement,M Mode general measurement,D Mode general measurement software package and measurement report function
B Mode measurement:distance,area(trace method,ellipse method),circumstance(trace method,ellipse method),volume(2-Axis),angle,Histogram,stenosis rate(length stenosis rate, area stenosis rate)and depth
M mode measurement:depth, slope, heart rate, circle
D mode measurement:velocity, heart rate, flow velocity, time ,acceleration, Pulsatility/ Resistance Index, Max pressure gradient, PG mean, ratio, stroke volume, flow volume
u Gynecology measurement and analysis:Gynecology measurement software package and report function
u Obstetric measurement and analysis: More than 17 kinds of obstetric tables, several GA measurement , amniotic fluid index,fetal growth curve, Fetal Biophysical Profile and OB report;
BPD(Biparietal Diameter),CRL(Crown Rump Length),GS(Gestational Sac),FL(Femur Length),HL(Humerus Length),TAD(Transverse Abdomen Diameter),TTD(Thorax Transverse Diameter),APTD(Thorax Anterior-Posterior Diameter),FT(Foot Length),LV(Lumbar Vertebrae),THD(Thorax Height Diameter),TCD(Transverse Cerebellum Diameter),OFD(Occipitofrontal Diameter),HC(Head Circumference),AC(Abdominal Circumference and AFI(Amniotic Fluid Index),LMP(Last Menstrual Period),BBT(Basal Body Temperature),calculate GA,EFW,EDC,growth curve, FBP(Fetal Biophysical Profile)
u Urology measurement and analysis:Urology measurement software package and report function
u Superficial organs measurement and analysis:Superficial organs measurement software package and report function
u Cardiac measurement and analysis:Cardiac measurement software package and report function.
1.Measurement items in B Mode, B/B Mode:
1)   Left Ventricle function Measurement,cardiac output CO,Military Vector Chart Format MVCF,cardiac index CI and stroke index SI
2)   Right ventricular internal diameter RV measurement
3)   Main pulmonary artery PA measurement
2.            Measurement items in M Mode, B/M Mode
1)      Left Ventricle function
2)      Mitral valve:EFLSP and AC descent velocity measurement,Ratio E/A and mitral valve orifice volume QMV measurement
3)      Aorta
4)      Cardiac output CO
5)      Ejection time ET
6)      Left Ventricle myocardial weight LVMW
3.            Measurement items in PW Mode:
1)      Velocity,Heart rate,time
2)      Acceleration
3)      Pulsatility/ Resistance Index
4)      Max pressure gradient
5)      PG mean
6)      ratio
7)      stroke volume
8)      flow volume
13. Measurement report
Obstetric measurement report,gynecology measurement report,cardiac measurement report,urology measurement report and other measurement reports,Automatically store measurement results and generate report
14. Body Mark
1.       146 kinds of body marks with probe position, which can be quickly selected by intuitive and detailed body mark interface;
2.       Text mark can preset text content;
3.       Arrow mark
Standard configuration:
Main unit                              1pc
Power adapter                           1pc
Accessory(see products list)                
3.5C60H1C convex probe  1pc ;7.5L40H1CHigh-frequency linear probe1 pc
Optional configuration:
1foot switch
 optional probe:
ModelTypeCenter FrequencyBody PartClinical applicability
3.5C20H1CMicro-convex(R=20)3.5MHzBody surfaceCardiac,abdomen,pediatrics
6.5C10H1CIntracavitary convex(R=10)6.5MHzTrans-vaginalGynecology, obstetrics
2.75P16H1CPhased array  (L=16)2.75MHzBody surfaceCardiac
U20 New Model CE and FDA Approved Portable Ultrasound Machine Price
U20 New Model CE and FDA Approved Portable Ultrasound Machine Price
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